UberHorny Review


This review will help anyone understand all the features of UberHorny. The dating site helps users to find relationships and easily navigate through the service. Try to give it a shot and see its benefits.

5 Facts About UberHorny

  • The site has upwards of 2 million users globally
  • The majority of users (more than 50%) live in the United States
  • Users have to be over the age of 18
  • It enables local like-minded singles to find hookups nearby
  • It provides both free and premium services, depending on the user’s needs

What You Need to Know About UberHorny

UberHorny has been in the dating business for over a decade. The site's prime objective is to help horny individuals get exactly what they are looking for without worrying about the traditional aspect of dating. The website has also become a popular platform for finding one-night stands and other forms of sexual entertainment.

Thanks to an algorithm used by the website, UberHorny can help users locate each other locally. Therefore, you will only get options that are nearest to your current location, which is a convenient feature for an app dedicated to providing no-strings-attached hookups. The usage of UberHorny services is still rising as more and more of the international population is getting involved. It’s hard to tell for sure how well UberHorny will perform in the coming years, but it’s safe to say it’s currently doing well.

Member Structure

American users make up the largest part of the UberHorny platform. Out of more than 2 million members, they account for approximately half. Some European countries, Australia, and others make up the rest of the population. Most of the active members on the site are male singles, which doesn’t mean there’s no female representation.

The site is also a great spot for couples who want to hang out. Membership is only afforded to 18 years or older; this means there’s a wide distribution of age. Most of the members have erotic profile pictures, and many have used the platform to show their explicit content.

UberHorny Member Structure

How Do I Join UberHorny?

If you have decided to join UberHorny, you’ll first have to go through a 3 to 5-minute registration. This is a good first impression, especially if a member is eager to get to the good stuff. Registration can only be fulfilled when the individual seeking membership provides specific information. The most important details include:

  • The person’s gender,
  • Sexual orientation, and
  • Postcode (for location search).

Additionally, it is very important to provide information about your preferences. This helps the algorithm match you with candidates who have the qualities you desire. Once this data is collected, the client has to certify that they are of appropriate age and then give a valid email address and a user password.

The next step is activating the account that was created. This is done by sending a verification link to the user’s email address. They will click on it and follow the provided instructions. As soon as the account is created, the user has an option to create their profile picture.

Uploading a picture isn’t compulsory. Still, the member should attract other members to attract other members. UberHorny will then approve the profile, and the platform is ready to be used.

UberHorny Registration

The usability of the UberHorny site is simple and easy. The landing page looks great, and the user experience with amazing navigation improves the experience.

Profile Creation

Profile creation is a very important step when joining a dating site. When creating a profile in UberHorny, you need to have a good picture to upload. Many users have raunchy profile photos and these do a great job at getting people interested. Although some people might opt not to upload any pictures, it is wiser to do so.

Members can also describe themselves in their profiles. Any information added to a profile can be used to increase the chances of getting matched up. Once the profile has been created, users can then proceed to decide on whether they need the premium services or not.

UberHorny Profile
Searching and Matchmaking

UberHorny has an interesting way to help like-minded users meet. Through special games that members can play on the website, an algorithm determines which candidates are suitable. It plays the role of matchmaker.

Furthermore, the information initially added to the profile plays a big role in coming up with suitable matches. Members have more control in choosing their hookups. This can be done by using filters in their searches. For example, you can include preferences in:

  • Age group,
  • Body type,
  • Interests,
  • Activities,
  • Location and more.

Once all the factors are considered, the odds of getting a match are good. You can start dating with local matches and have fun.

UberHorny Searching and Matchmaking
Contacting with Other Members

After creating an account with UberHorny, the user can start navigating the site. The next thing they would probably be looking for is how to get started and finally score their first meetup.

Members usually play a series of games already on the website to find possible matches. After getting the result, a “wink” or a “like” can be sent to a potential hookup to get their attention.

Also, private messages can be used for communication. Premium members can also participate in private chat rooms, which increases their chances of meeting a hopeful single quickly.

Pros and Cons of UberHorny

You can find pros and cons while using the dating website service and its functionality. Let’s check first its main benefits.

  • Registration is free and doesn’t take long
  • Free and unlimited messaging
  • Looking for potential hookups is no hustle
  • Members can create a list of favorites
  • It can get expensive if you decide to use more features
  • Profiles do not provide enough information about the members
  • The free services are not as exciting as the premium ones
Pricing Plans

Members have two options when they join UberHorny. Initially, going for the stress-free, non-paid services of the website would make more sense. However, the best advice for an individual looking for the full experience is to use the website's paid services. There are several limitations for non-premium users.

Free services
  • UberHorny users have access to some free services before deciding to go for a feature-packed premium package. Some of these services include sending and receiving messages, reacting to other members' profiles, using specialized filters in the search bar, and adding members to their favorites list.
Paid services
  • Like many other dating sites out there, the website also offers additional services for anyone ready to go above and beyond. The most popular paid services include identifying the individuals who have looked at your profile, reading messages, taking part in some exclusive chat groups, and getting access to specialized games.
Payment Methods

UberHorny enables the user to make payments via credit card. You can also use a debit card option. You can check more info about payment methods on the site’s support page.

Experts Conclusion

All the important features required on a dating site seemed to be present. UberHorny also serves as a great platform to experience any sexual fantasy, thanks to the diversity and variety of members. It is safe to say that UberHorny is one of the good gay dating services out there.

In terms of functionality, the platform is easy to get started on and also easy to use. You get quick matches, and the features for communication aren’t lacking either. In summary, UberHorny is a good option for anyone looking for sex without any additional pressure that commitment brings.


How does UberHorny help to find matches?

UberHorny helps users find hookups wherever they are located. This is thanks to an algorithm that looks for potential singles within the vicinity and members with qualities you desire.

Is FatFlirt Safe for Beginners?

There’s no simple answer here as any dating website tries to provide a safe environment, protecting the users' data. But all services carry their potential risks. However, if you are looking for some fun, UberHorny is definitely worth the try.

What to do with scam users?

UberHorny has put in the right measures to deal with problematic users. You can easily report to a 27/7 customer service that will review your issue and help you find a solution.

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Yvonne Allen
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