Redhotpie Review


Modern dating sites have made it quite easy for singletons to pursue relationships or sexual hookups. This review will show how redhotpie has attempted to achieve this.

5 Facts About Redhotpie

The best way to start a dating experience is to find the service that suits all your needs. Let’s start from the top facts about Redhotpie that will help you to figure out the most important characteristics:

  • Although created in Australia, Redhotpie has made its way onto the international scene
  • It is all-inclusive and open to all sexual orientations
  • Most members are not looking for love but simply a one-time hookup
  • Offers both free and paid services
  • You can download their app from the AppStore

What You Need to Know About Redhotpie

Redhotpie has been offering dating services to the Australian population for over a decade. During this period, it has managed to solidify its presence there and attempted to take over the international community. This expansion is still happening now and shows how influential it has become over the years.

Like most popular dating sites out there, it prides itself on getting you that hookup wherever you are. This primary service has made way to others, such as offering a platform for swinger couples, adult chat room services, and any possible fetish you can think of.

Additionally, due to its inclusive nature, many individuals of the LBGTQ community turn to it to increase their chances of finding local hookups. Redhotpie has services for anyone interested in joining. You can decide you give it a shot if you're looking for some fun, and your chances would look good.

Member Structure

The origins of the dating platform are in Australia, so it is not a surprise that most users are located there. As of 2021, approximately 2 million users are Australian natives who make up 34% of its entirety. The rest of the users on Redhotpie are spread out throughout the world in Europe, United States, America, etc.

Men make up a huge chunk of the population, outnumbering their female counterparts by more than 20%. The dating site also has many gay and lesbian members and supports people looking for any fantasy. Age-wise, most of the users are between 24 and 35.

Redhotpie Member Structure

How Do I Join Redhotpie?

If you are thinking of joining Redhotpie you will be happy to know that it’s as easy as pie. Most dating sites today have made it very easy to become part of their platform. And unlike a few other sites that can get quite exclusive, redhotpie is free for all. The only restriction is in regards to age (18 being the minimum limit). So, if you are above the age limit, you can then proceed to visit the website or you could use the app to join.

The first part of the process is registration. You ask them to validate you as a new customer by providing your name, age, and email address. Also, your zip code will also be necessary to help you find the closest members. Once you have been validated, the next step in the process is to create a profile.

Your chances of succeeding increase with how you go. Therefore, a lot of attention has to be paid when creating them. After profile creation, you become an official member and then start to navigate redhotpie searching for your first hookup from the platform.

Redhotpie Registration

If you are looking for a quality site and great services, it is your one-stop. It has good usability options and provides all the needed functionality. This great experience starts with the registration and creation of a profile.

Profile Creation

In the profile creation section, adding a profile photo is entirely up to you. That being said, most members would make contact with you because they can't see who they’re possibly going to meet. It is also necessary to update the information that describes you as a person.

In this case, you can add all the details of the fantasies you have, your preferences in a date, and anything else that can get you a match that is suited for you. As you are completing your profile, you will be provided with an option to get your profile more privacy.

Redhotpie Profile
Searching and Matchmaking

Members of redhotpie have a lot of tools at their disposal to make their fantasies happen. There is no better tool to have than a search with numerous applicable filters for finding ideal partners.

Yes, Redhotpie will enable you to look for specific qualities on their platform. This is in addition to the preferences you added to your profile during the registration process. Some filters on the dating site cannot be accessed on the free version, and you'll have to upgrade to use them. An example of a premium filter is fetish interest.

Redhotpie Searching and Matchmaking
Contacting with Other Members

Once you have navigated the site and found a possible match, how do you proceed to ask them if they want to meet up for sex? Well, redhotpie has put in place several modes of communication.

The first one is a simple message, which also allows members to see the read status of every message they send. The second means of communication is through video calls, where you can engage with other members vis-a-vis through your device. The other ways to make contact include Text chat for instant messages and access to chat rooms, and a special flirt tool.

Pros and Cons of Redhotpie

To get the idea of the main pros and cons of the Redhotpie dating site, we created the following list. Getting the main idea of the advantages and disadvantages is important; therefore, let’s check the top pros and cons:

  • Redhotpie does not discriminate; it can function as a gay dating site as well
  • Variety is an important feature to have on a dating site; you can find it here in spades
  • You control the privacy level of your dating profile
  • Great place for couples and singles to explore the new dating world
  • More men than women are registered at the dating website
  • You have to be prepared to spend some cash for access to most of the tools
  • A few glitches in the site’s navigation, but it does not destroy the overall experience
Pricing Plans

Redhotpie offers you two options; use the unpaid version of the dating site or upgrade to a premium one. What is the difference between these two? The answer to this is “perks”. All the best services are unlocked as long as you are okay with paying for them.

Free services
  • Although free services don’t carry the same punch as the premium ones, they can still help you get from point A to B. Some of these features include creating the profile, sending texts, applying a few filters to your searches, uploading pictures, sending flirts, and using the date finder tool.
Paid services
  • These services are tailored to making your experience on the dating site as enjoyable and possible. These include viewing all pictures on a member’s profile, webchat, premium filters, access to a member’s full profile, sending messages to any member even if they are not premium themself and access to chatrooms.
Payment Methods

Members can pay for services using a debit or credit card. All the extra information could be found on the website or by contacting the support group.

Experts Conclusion

During the review, all the basic functions expected of a dating website were present. You can easily sign up, and once you do, you open a new world of possibilities. The site's usability is pretty good, with only a few navigation problems, but that doesn't take too much from experience.

The services provided are no different than other sites out there. However, some members can be disappointed by the more expensive elements of the website. In summary, if you want to go crazy for a while and are ready to spend a little, this could be the right fit for you.


Does the Redhotpie site provide a matches search?

Once you sign up and provide data that can generate possible matches, you can start dating singles who have the same interests. The rest of the work is really up to you.

Does Redhotpie provide a secure experience?

Yes. The only advice here is always to be cautious. It’s not uncommon for online dating services to face scam profiles. But the site tries it best to provide a safe environment for their users.

How could I report scam users?

As a client, you can always report any issues of abuse to customer support. They will then work to rectify a problem encountered.

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Yvonne Allen
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