FETLife Review


FETLife is a social media where people can talk about their particular desires and kinks openly. It functions much like Facebook and provides you with similar features to connect with others.

5 Facts About FETLife

  • It's the best dating site for those seeking adult fetish communities
  • ou can register and use the platform for free, but additional features require payments
  • More than eight million people are members of the site!
  • The website functions more like a social network rather than a regular dating portal
  • All members have BDSM, Fetish, or Kink preferences and are ready for hookups and chat

About FETLife

FETLife was initially launched in 2008 by BitLove Inc. It's interesting to know that according to the developer team's claims, all the website managers and team members share the same sexual fantasies the website focuses on. They believe having people with fetishes in their team improves their performance and makes the website more practical for their target audience.

Since the beginning, FETLife has aimed to provide a safe place for people with special sexual desires to share how they feel and discuss their interests freely. Users know that they can show their true selves on this site without feeling any shame.

If you've used Facebook before, you'll find the interface of FETLife alike. You can write on users' walls, like their posts, follow new people, and even send direct messages to others for free. In this FETLife review, we cover different features of this dating site to let you know how useful it is to chat and date.

Member Structure

More than half of the FETLife members are from the US. Young people between 25-34 years of age make up the majority of the website population, and males dominate them. All those who register on this dating app look for BDSM and fetish sex with a partner sharing the same interests.

Men and women who are willing to have sex with a kinky partner or those newbies who like to try this kind of relationship for the first time can easily spice up their lives with FETLife. Even though ¾ of members are males, there are nearly two million females on the website from different countries worldwide.

FETLife Member Structure

How Do I Join FETLife?

Everyone can join the FETLife community for free. Similar to other hookup sites, you are required to enter a valid email address and provide some basic information like your nickname, location, gender, sexual orientation, and age. There are 12 options for gender, 13 types of sexual orientations, and 77 roles in the bedroom to pick from. Joining FETLife is entirely free, and the website doesn't ask you to enter any payment information. However, it's impossible to use your other accounts like Google and Facebook to join the website.

One of the differences between FETLife and other dating platforms is that all members have to verify their accounts with their mobile numbers. The website sends activation links to mobile numbers rather than emails. If you ever forget your account password, you will be able to retrieve the details using your email and mobile number.

Once you're done signing up for a new account, the site offers several members to follow as a starting point for online dating. It also reminds you to upload a profile photo to increase the chances of dating a perfect match. All users can start sending messages to other members immediately without having to upgrade to a fee-based plan.

FETLife Registration
Profile Creation

FETLife members complete their profiles by entering details in six information tabs. Others can see your activities on the platform and view the videos and photos you upload. Additionally, similar to other social media platforms, your lists of friends and followers are always visible on your profile.

From a well-formatted narrative of yourself to your other social media profiles and your relationship with other members of the community, you can add whatever details you wish others know about yourself with no limitations. Profile photos and videos are stored in two different tabs to make perception easier.

FETLife Profile
Searching and Matchmaking

Contrary to what you see in other gay dating apps or adult dating sites, it's not possible to search for matches and start talking to them. Instead, you can search for potential friends and get in touch with them to initiate a friendship.

You can either review user posts and photos through the Explore page where you find advice for matches or find those who you find appealing for dating inside groups. "Places" is another practical option allowing you to review profiles from a specific area. However, all the locations are self-reported, and there's no geolocation feature on the platform to find out the exact location of members.

FETLife Searching and Matchmaking
Contacting with Other Members

To contact other members, you should open their profile and click on the "Message Kinkster" button located at the top-right side of the page. The messaging feature follows the same appearance as regular emails. Members share all kinds of photos and videos on their profile, so you should expect to see sexually explicit content as well.

You can quickly review your previous conversations by heading over to your inbox and sent messages. You'd better add people to your friends' list in the first place and then send messages if they accept your request. Otherwise, you can follow them so that they notice you.

Pros and Cons
  • The site hosts about eight million members
  • Fun and easy-to-use interface
  • A thriving community made specifically for kinks and fetishes
  • A crowded social network made for casual dating
  • Availability of FETLife mobile app
  • Website designs don't follow the modern trends
  • There's no direct matchmaking option
  • You should enter your mobile number to activate your account
Pricing Plans

FETLife is a relatively low-priced option compared to other adult dating platforms. Unlike other sites, the pricing plans don't change in costs for obtaining subscriptions with longer durations.

There are four options available:

  • 6 months: $30
  • 12 months: $60
  • 24 months: $120
  • Lifetime: $240
Free services
  • Almost all of the basic features you expect from an online dating site are available on FETLife for free. You can easily send messages to other members, view their multimedia content and activities, and join the sex and fetish groups you wish for with no restrictions.
Paid services
  • Paying for a premium membership unlocks additional dating features for you. First of all, everyone can notice that you're on a fee-based plan because of the special badge that appears on your profile. The most loved pictures and videos of the day are among the other useful options available for paid memberships.
Payment Methods

You can pay the fees by credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, Paysafecard, and even cryptocurrencies.

Experts Conclusion

FETLife is a fantastic website helping you to freely talk about your extraordinary fantasies and find people alike nearby. This adult community offers you the opportunity to meet men and women with particular fetishes or interested in BDSM without any shame or criticism.

There are active members on the website from all over the world, meaning the chances are high to arrange sexy dating within your city. This site is the top pick for you if you follow special sexual fantasies.

Try FETLife today and enjoy the enormous collection of BDSM members ready to satisfy your desires.


How Does the FETLife Community Works?

FETLife is a social network for BDMS, kinky, and fetish lovers all around the world.

Is it Safe to Use the FETLife Website?

Yes, it is. The website encrypts all the user information and removes them from its server when deciding to delete their profiles.

How Can I Ban Users?

You can block abusive users by opening their profile and clicking on the "report user" option appearing next to the "Message Kinkster" button.

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