Sydney Swingers – Couples and Dating, Find Partners In Sydney.

Sydney SwingersCouples and Dating. Meet swingers online from the Sydney area, find swinger events and parties today.

“We were pretty bored with our love life and we had seen a few swinger couples on the dating websites, we decided to put up a profile to see what would come of it. Once we got started we found there was no shortage of couples in the same position as us, a bit bored and looking to add some spark to a dull relationship. So far it’s all played out pretty well and we have made some great contacts.”

“It was my wife who first suggested we try and meet other couples for some fun and games, at first I went into shock but then thought about it and eventually became comfortable with the idea. We joined a dating website and uploaded some non specific personal information and then got involved in the online chat and webcam chat rooms. So far so good, we have a new spin on our relationship now.”

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